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once you get it, you'll get it 
We were task with updating Jolibee's current creative campaign to resinate with specific cohorts like gamers, adventurers and music lovers for better media targeting across Meta and TikTok
This audience segment typically enjoys the multifacetedness of the gamer lifestyle. The majority of this segment thrive in the environment that merges socialization as well as technology.
Most of the time this audience spends their time outdoors doing various activities such as traveling, hiking, and camping. This audience is drawn towards spontaneity and risk-taking, and frequently seek out adventures. 
jollibeeus Level up to next level crispy, next level juicy, next level tasty Jollibee Chickenjoy.
jollibeeus AFK ordering next level crispy, next level juicy, next level tasty Chickenjoy.
jollibeeus Once only native to the Philippines, Chickenjoy is now named the “best chain fried chicken in America” by 
music lovers 
This segment are highly in-tune with the latest artists and celebrities that lead the music industry. Music lovers are aware of upcoming albums and artists, especially within electronic dance and punk music genres.
jollibeeus Chickenjoy goes hard. Your reaction to the “best chain fried chicken in America” is music to our ears. 


Foodies are audiences that have an avid interest in the latest food fads. This segment not only loves trying new/trendy foods but they look to indulge in trying new restaurants and follow food based content on social media.
jollibeeus There’s no copycat recipe for “the best chain fried chicken in America” — just crispy, juicy, tasty Chickenjoy.
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