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do less
As the sustainable online grocery store, I wanted to highlight how Hive makes it easy to buy what you believe in.
To establish a brand tone and values we were tasked with writing a manifesto. 
We were then tasked with turning our manifestos in to radio spots using the three basic styles: the pitch, the song and the situation. 
“Happy River Spirit” :30


SFX: Light meditative rain soundtrack


Hippie Chick: Greetings fellow earth lovers, I’m Happy River Spirit. I recently had a shopping awakening when I discovered Hive, an online marketplace that helps you shop your values. Before Hive I was making shoes out of plastic bags, wiping my bottom with a cloth — even went to Columbia to ensure my coffee was fair trade. But now I can do less while still having a big impact — giving me more time to focus on my crystal collection. 


VO: Become enlightened by doing less at


SFX: Gong rings 


“The Do Less Song” :30


 SFX: Guitar strumming the G major chord


Singer: This song has one chord 

Because at Hive we do less

This song has one chord 

Because simple sustainability is best

This song has one chord 

Because at you can find groceries 

with less ingredients, artificial flavors and GMOs

This song has one chord 

Because now’s your time to do less


“Superhero” :30


SFX: Doorbell rings


Sarah: Hello 


Delivery guy: Oh my god, are you Sarah Sutton 


Sarah: Um, yeah


Delivery guy: Well I just wanted to thank you for all you do for this world. I have your Hive package here and it’s so inspirational to see someone dedicating their life to making our planet a better place to live. 


Sarah: I mean all I did was order some groceries online, like I didn’t even put pants on.


Delivery guy: Well you know who also didn’t wear pants? Superman. 


VO: See how impactful it can be to do less at

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