Buzzfeed gets me every time.


Want to know what your drink order says about you?

“Of course I do!”


Design your dream wedding to find out what age you’ll get engaged?

“Will do!” 


Eat breakfast, lunch and diner at Chili’s and we’ll tell you what show to watch on Hulu? “I don’t even have Hulu, but why not!”


What can I say, I love a good online quiz. There’s just something about evaluating

your preferences, and desires to let the internet reveal something about yourself.

Sometimes though I like to be the one doing the uncovering - evaluating people’s

wants and needs to reveal an insight. And unlike Buzzfeed mine are usually true, human truths to be exact. For example, would never mistake a 22-year-old for 67 because they prefer Werther’s Originals to Skittles. 


Are you also a sucker for a good quiz or just want to know more about me or yourself? 

Answer these 5 questions to reveal which side of Hadley you connect with the most!



Fun fact: Know why I chose to go to BU? You guessed it; I took a quiz.

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