You Got: Hadley Hopkins
If you couldn't tell, I'm obsessed with a good quiz. I even chose my college and career based on quizzes — they haven't let me down yet. So instead of telling you about myself, I thought I'd let some of my quiz answers do it for me. 

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Hadley Got: Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 
She's whimsical, inquisitive and has a thirst for knowledge. Whether it's diving headfirst down the rabbit hole or enjoying a wild tea party, she's always the first to take a bite out of the "Eat Me" cookie that we call life.   


Hadley Got: Contentment
Overall, she's a pretty optimistic, open-minded person. She tends to be really go-with-the-flow and is very accepting of others. She takes life one day at a time and never misses an opportunity to stop and smell the roses. 


Hadley Got: 75% Trash
Three-quarters trash! She's very garbage, but not extremely garbage — a very important distinction.